We are creating lifestyle technology products
    driven by a desire to meet consumers’ actual needs.
    Eco-friendly + Safety Technology + Design UX
    • Powered by Eco-friendly + Safety Technology + Design UX, we are a SPA brand startup for lifestyle hardware, manufacturing lifestyle technology products.
    • We have a goal to develop and launch more than one lifestyle product per year.
Especially, Awesome Lab is striving to make and provide essential products and services that consumers cannot easily think of even though these products and services are closely related to our daily life!!
Have you experienced or thought of this? There is a really needed and essential product but you are not aware of its necessity as you just use it without much thought. For this reason, these products are naturally ignored by consumers.
Such products and services cannot generate great profit but they are essential for our daily life, and someone should develop and provide them.
This is the greatest reason that we have established a startup.
    • We desire to become a company that can help consumers in their daily life even in a small way through the development of ignored products and services that are needed and yet not easily recognized.
    • Awesome Lab also considers the environment. We neither simply recycle materials nor use recycled materials. We do not realize eco-friendliness through reprocessing after the complete lifecycle of the products. Rather, based on eco-friendly technology and users’ ideas, we have made an effort to realize eco-friendly features against pollution and non-environmental factors that may occur in the middle of or before and after the use of materials.
      Eco-friendly Portable Water Heater
      Flexible Foldable LED Safety Tripod
    We have been manufacturing products that are helpful in our daily life.
    See the lineup of other products by Awesome Lab. >
A representative product is Water Warmer,
which you are looking at now.
Our eco-friendly portable Water Warmer prevents mountain fires which are the major cause of annual environmental destruction due to the use of gas burners and stoves using coal fuels at outdoor sites of camping and leisure.
With the application of eco-design, functional structure and recyclable materials, which was not possible in previous competitive products, Water Warmer can reduce the cost of reprocessing through recycling and disposal and realize eco-friendly feature.
Further, among its greatest advantages, as Water Warmer can generate high thermal energy efficiency (30%↑ to other companies) up to 98%, extensive application is possible through the convergence of 4th Industry, 6th Industry, agricultural domain, and construction domain.
Water Warmer conforms to the national Green New Deal Policy in terms such as reduction of electric power consumption, use of clean energy, and reduction of CO2. It offers high utilization compatibility for smart city, smart eco-friendly heating systems, and eco-friendly boilers.
    We have been manufacturing products recognized for their excellence.
    • We have been manufacturing products that the actual consumer desires and delivering products that are recognized for their excellence.
    • Water Warmer has been recognized for its product excellence in CES2020 and CES2021 (DIGITAL) and received many positive reviews from happy users.
    • 이미지
    History of Awesome Lab
  • 이미지
  • 05
    Participated in Korea Basic Income EXPO
  • 03
    Completed technological development of the 2nd ventured product
  • 02
    Established Seoul branch of Awesome Lab
  • 01
    Participated in CES2021 DIGITAL
  • 12
    ㆍInvested a capital of 100 million won
    ㆍSelected for Didimdol R&D Venture Technological Growth & Development Business
    ㆍSelected as an outstanding startup by KEPCO Energy
    ㆍRegistered with the designation of "Public Procurement Service Venture Nation" and designated for “Venture Startups Innovation & Procurement Products”
  • 11
    Delivered products to Korea Highway Corporation (Public enterprise)
  • 09
    Received “Participation Award” from Environmental Business Hackathon
  • 07
    Completed first delivery of supply
  • 03
    Accomplished the goal of more than 1,209% of ‘Crowd Funding” for the 1st ventured product
  • 02
    2020.02 Received “Best Award” from Design UREKA 2020 IR Demo Day in February 2020
  • 01
    2020.01 Participated in CES2020 UREKA Park, Buyers’ commendations from “Amazon, Makuake, Coca Cola R&D
  • 12
    Participated in Lotte Home Shopping Brand EXPO in LA (U.S.A)
  • 05
    Participated in Lotte Home Shopping Brand EXPO in Moscow (Russia)
  • 01
    Selected for the area of Safety Design-Living
  • ㆍSelected for GOOD DESIGN
  • ㆍSelected for the Generation Convergence Venture Campus
  • 05.08
    Ventured startup
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