We aim to develop products of new concept and reduce risk factors, and present an emotional and experimental value to users in order to raise the utility of using water any time and at any place.

Awesome Lab
Rm. 310, Venture Business Hall, Shingu University, Gwangmyeong-ro 377, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

I Want a WaterWarmer!
Awesome Lab’s new developed product ‘Water Warmer SAILER70’ presents a new experience that delivers more than the uses you have been searching for.
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        Provided, That if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes, personal information may be kept for a certain period prescribed

        Records of consumer complaints or disputes: Three years (Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

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