Water Warmer

“WATER WARMER” (Eco-friendly portable water heater for camping with an electrode ion of 98% energy efficiency)
Do you need hot water at camping sites or when you are amidst nature? Isn’t ‘water’ a necessary element for leisure?
Just moisture OK! Simple and easy, fast and safe eco-friendly water heating device


  • Awesome Lab applied technology it developed in-house to the product
    “Eco-Friendly Portable Water Heater” that utilizes 100% eco-friendly electrode ion technology with 98% energy efficiency. The present product can be used to get clean and safe water within a few minutes without waiting long for “Hot and Clean Water” which is rated the highest “Pain Point & Needs” by consumers engaged in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and leisure sports.

Reasons That Make Water Warmer Special

  • 열효율 98%
    Thermal Efficiency 98%
    Energy Efficiency
    30% ↑
  • 빠른속도
    High Speed
    2 Mins
  • 안전성
    NO WATER >
  • 살균기능
    Sterilization Function
  • 휴대성
    SMALL &
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POINT 01 Electrode Ion Heating Element Technology
This Water Warmer is more special because it uses a technology called ‘Electrode Ion Heating Element’ developed by Awesome Lab rather than the previous heating method of plate or nichrome wire.
The heating method of electrode ion heating element utilizes water molecules themselves as the conductor, to activate and ionize the movement of water molecules through 60Hz frequency and generate high heat through the friction of ions and water molecules.
As it uses water as the conductor instead of metallic heating element, there exists no risk of fire due to overheating. Moreover, it has the advantage that it maintains more than 98% thermal efficiency as there is rarely loss of supplied energy.
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POINT 02 There is no need to wait. Just moisture is enough. Small but fast Water Warmer!
Pease float the Water Warmer on the water. It takes only 2 minutes to warm up about 2 liters of water to about 70 degrees!! (The time varies based on the amount of water).
You can save more than 50% of time compared to the time taken by conventional heater bar products. The volume of a heater bar or a burner is large and many other supplies are needed, making it inconvenient to clean up. However, the Water Warmer has been manufactured for easy portability. Unlike the conventional products with which it is hard to adjust temperature, the Water Warmer can boil water up to 100℃ through the 5-step temperature adjustment the user can control.
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POINT 03 There is no reason to worry. You can use safely with no risk of fire!
You must have heard of fires and safety accidents occurring at camping sites.
You need to take special precautions to avoid even momentary carelessness while using flammable or electric heater, which will lead to fires, and even major mountain fires or accidents.
However, there is no actual risk of fire accident while using this Water Warmer! It is because Water Warmer uses water as a conductor. If there is no water, it will not generate heat.
When you place Water Warmer away from the water, it will stop generating heat so that you can use it safely without the risk of fire.
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POINT 04 Clean Faucet Water, Valley Water!
Water Warmer can make clean hot water using faucet water, valley water or seawater. When you use Water Warmer to boil water, it generates electrolyzed hypochlorous acid through the combination of chloride, oxygen and hydrogen.
The hypochlorous acid has the functions of sterilization and purification, and exterminates virus and bacteria effectively up to 99.8%.
However, it is prohibited to use hypochlorous acid to make drinking water. Instead, it is advisable to use it more safely with a simple purpose to cleanse and sanitize or to increase the temperature!
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POINT 05 Retro Emotional Touch Design
Water Warmer was born motivated by the design of paper boats that everyone has folded in childhood.
Through gentle and beautiful LED lightings, Water Warmer will enhance the camping atmosphere in the evening and become a camping companion with whom you bond emotionally as you enjoy the nature.
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