Water Warmer

“WATER WARMER” (Eco-friendly portable water heater for camping with an electrode ion of 98% energy efficiency)
Do you need hot water at camping sites or when you are amidst nature? Isn’t ‘water’ a necessary element for leisure?
Just moisture OK! Simple and easy, fast and safe eco-friendly water heating device


  • Awesome Lab applied technology it developed in-house to the product “Eco-Friendly Portable Water Heater” that utilizes 100% eco-friendly electrode ion technology with 98% energy efficiency.
    The present product can be used to get clean and safe water within a few minutes without waiting long for “Hot and Clean Water” which is rated the highest “Pain Point & Needs” by consumers engaged in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and leisure sports.


Easy and convenient access to hot water whenever needed when you are outdoors! You can use it for diverse purposes!
  • Combines Portability + Fast Heating Capability + Sterilization, Purification + Freedom from Safety Problem + Eco-design + Eco-friendly Technology.
    The Water Warmer satisfies both consumers’ actual needs and the requirements of environment preservation unlike previous products that present fire risk and safety problems.

When hot and clean water is needed for camping, glamping, car camping or outdoor activities!!!

  • 따뜻한 물로 씻기
    Washing with hot water
  • 음식 보온
    Keeping food warm
  • 수비드 요리
    Sous Vide Cuisine
  • 족욕, 온수매트등
    Bathing the feet,
    relieving tired muscles
  • 설거지 및 정리
    Dish washing and cleanup
  • 이미지
    No need to wait for long!
    You can get warm or hot in a few minutes!
    It is possible to wash easily outside. It is possible to sterilize foreign substances through making sterilized water and thereby prevent contamination by virus and bacteria.
  • 이미지
    The Water Warmer can be utilized for
    “Sous Vide and Water Aging” which are vacuum packing
    and low temperature cooking techniques.
    Now you can warm simple cooked foods without opening the packs. It is possible to preserve the warmth of leftover foods easily
    without using a separate heating tool to cook.
  • 이미지
    Make warm water to bathe the feet when warming and relaxation are needed in cold winter. You can use the Water Warmer for hot packs easily.
  • 이미지
    When cleansing with hot water is needed, you can generate electrolyzed water in a short while. When there is no faucet water or mineral water, it is possible to take valley water or seawater for temporary use.
    (It is not safe to drink valley water or sea water (X),
    as these are not as clean as faucet water and mineral water.)


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Principles of Sterilization and Cleansing by Water Warmer / Other Uses


01 Sterilized Water Producer
Hypochlorous acidHypochlorous acid is utilized in the fields of sanitation and public health for sterilization and extermination
of virus and bacteria through washing (Cleansing with hypochlorous acid after fishing, surfing, or snorkeling)
02 Portable Cleanser
100% eco-friendly and safe Removes hazardous pesticides from fruits and vegetables
03 Portable Washer for Traveling
Electrolysis Removes stains and oils
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